Paintings/Collage/Mixed Media/10 in stock/for sale/pln/euro/shipping-postage paid/

Montivideo Coves and Caves / acrylic paint on canvas 90x90cm/500zl- shipping paid/120EUR- shipping paid [100GBP/120$]


NYC84-94Decoded The Last Days of Disco / mixed media/collage on hardcopy paper 100x70cm framed wood/plexiglass 500PLN- shipping paid/ 120EUR- shipping paid [100GBP/100$]

AztecIncaAmerica 100x70cm/500zl- shipping paid /120EUR – shipping paid [100GBP/120$]

AztecIncaAmerica / framed collage 100x70cm 500zl- shipping paid/120EUR- shipping paid/ [100GBP/120$]

Navada Canyons / acrylic/household paint on canvas 100x100cm/ 500zl shipping paid /120EUR shipping paid/ [100GBP/100$]

Lascaux/ 100x100cm / acrylic paint on canvas/ 500zl – shipping paid/ 120EUR shipping paid [100GBP/100$]

Ghostshark / 12x9in paint on paper framed/150PLN post paid /40EUR/GBP/$/post paid

50s60s Sci fi Adventures/paint on paper framed 12x9in/150zl post paid /40Eur/GBP/$ post paid
Buenos Aires Downtown Uptown / paint on canvas 100x100cm/ 500zl – shipping/post paid /120EUR – shipping paid/ 100GBP/100$
Ghostly/painting framed 12x9in/150PLN post paid/40EUR-GBP-$

12x9in Euro prices 1-40eur/ 2-60eur/ 3-80eur/ 4-100eur/ 12x9in PLN prices 150zl-1 /250zl-2 /300zl-3 /350zl-4