Paintings/Collage/Mixed Media/12 in stock/For Sale

Montivideo Coastal Drift / acrylic paint/pastels on canvas 90x90cm/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

Montivideo Coastal Drift

NYC84-94Decoded The Last Days of Disco / mixed media/collage on hardcopy paper/paint marker pastel photos/100x70cm/framed wood/plexiglass/500LN/150EUR/GBP/

Antarctica Blizzard Science Station Platform/acrylic/household paint on canvas 100x100cm/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

Dark Temples / framed collage 100x70cm/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

NapoliNeopolis/framed collage 100x70cm/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

Sandstorm Mojavi Desert / acrylic/household paint on canvas 100x100cm/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

21st Century Cave Art / 100x100cm / acrylic paint on canvas/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

Ghost Ship/Sunken Wreck/acrylic paint on canvas/500zl/150EUR/GBP/$

Phantom Monk/paint on paper framed 12x9in/200PLN/100EUR-GBP-$/post paid

Green Phantasma / 12x9in paint on paper framed /200PLN-100EUR-GBP-$/post paid
Deep Blue Great White / 12x9in paint on paper framed/200PLN-100EUR-GBP-$/post paid
Phantom Monk/paint on paper framed 12x9in/gold version/200PLN/100EURGBP/$/post paid